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Jasmine is one of the most popular tools for a JavaScript developer to deal with the hectic testing processes. It is an open-source technology. It is a simple API to test different components of JavaScript.
Jasmine is an open-source JavaScript framework, capable of testing any kind of JavaScript application.
Jasmine follows the Behavior Driven Development (BDD) procedure to ensure that each line of JavaScript statement is properly unit tested.
Jasmine provides a small syntax to test the smallest unit of the entire application instead of testing it as a whole.

Jasmine Features

1. Supports asynchronous testing.
2. Makes use of 'spies' for implementing test doubles.
3. Supports testing of front-end code through a front-end extension of Jasmine called Jasmine-jQuery.

Benefits Of Jasmine

1. The aim of Jasmine is to be browser, framework, platform, and language independent.
2. Besides behavior-driven development, Jasmine also supports test-driven development.

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