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Appium is an open-source automation mobile testing tool, which is used to test the application. It is developed and supported by Sauce Labs to automate native and hybrid mobile apps.
It is a cross-platform mobile automation tool, which means that it allows the same test to be run on multiple platforms. Multiple devices can be easily tested by Appium in parallel.
Appium is a mobile application testing tool that is currently trending in Mobile Automation Testing Technology.
Appium is used for automated testing of native, hybrid, and web applications. It supports automation tests on the simulators (iOS) and emulators (Android) as well as physical devices (Android and iOS both).

Features of Appium

1. Appium does not require application source code or library.
2. Appium provides a strong and active community.
3. Appium has multi-platform support i.e., it can run the same test cases on multiple platforms.
4. Appium allows the parallel execution of test scripts.
5. In Appium, a small change does not require the re-installation of the application.
6. Appium supports various languages like C#, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript with node.js, and many others that have a Selenium client library.

Limitation of Appium

1. Microsoft Windows does not support running Appium Inspector.
2. Appium does not allow the testing for Android versions lower than 4.2.
3. Appium provides limited support for testing Hybrid applications.

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