Snapbots Case Study - Quix Solution


Company: SnapBots
Industry: Blockchain / Cryptocurrency / Crypto Wallet
Client Location and Branches: Vietnam
Made For: Web Browser / Mobile App

SnapBots: AI, Decentralization & Robotics in Financial Industry

Introduction & The Client

Sooner or later, the world will not need any physical money to operate. It will run on decentralised money on the Blockchain system. The fast growth of Blockchain based systems has our client’s attention and they wanted to create a Bot based decentralised financing and trading software.

The Challenge

The emerging or we say one of the fastest growing technologies was the main challenge before QuixSolution. We had to design and develop crypto wallets powered by AI technology. Where users can secure their digital assets on SnapBots and grow their portfolio at the same time.

Why ‘SnapBots’ Chose QuixSolution

Client came up with their requirement of creating a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency system where users can hold their cryptocurrency in their SnapBots wallet and take part in yield generation opportunities. Quix acted swiftly to come up with a design and development process which was accepted to start as soon as possible.

How QuixSolution Responded

We first discussed everything with our client, had around 3-4 online meetings, raised our confusions, provided consultancy and assigned a full fledged team to complete it within the given time frame and then started the design and development.

The Result

Quix delivered the project and is also providing maintenance and support required for next one year. Snapbots now utilize a series of bots to perform yield generating activities through trading and staking. We hope to help our users to gain yield from their passive cryptocurrency holdings.!

Main Features

- Cryptocurrency and Wallet
SnapBots offers crypto wallets powered by AI technology. Users can secure their digital assets on Snapbots and grow their portfolio at the same time
- Crypto Exchange
Snap Wallet is a secure cryptocurrency wallet that is powered by AI deep learning bots.
- 24*7 trading
In Snapbot AI bots trade nonstop. Bots detect opportunities and perform the trading tasks. Users earn rewards while they sleep.
- Crowdsourcing
Help our bots become wiser and smarter at a shorter time frame.
- Staking
Users can choose between different types of strategies and let the bots handle them. These strategies are proven strategies that have been tested rigorously.

Technology Used

- Python
- Java
- Angular
- Angular
- Laravel