SyncEzy Case Study - Quix Solution

Automating Syncing, Integration & Plugins

Company: SyncEzy
Industry: Internet Software / Online Business Productivity
Client Location and Branches: Australia
Made For: Web Browser

SyncEzy: Automate Workflows and Connect apps

Introduction & The Client
As businesses grow, so does complexity. Teams get their own tools, data gets siloed, disconnect ensues – and your customers suffer. Our client needed to create customizable integrations between a range of apps, all in a user-friendly package. Unlike a lot of the “Integration Platforms” out there that connect to thousands of apps, SyncEzy focuses on creating deep integrations. SyncEzy system allows users to perform various sync options as required, where users can sync data from one application to another.

The Challenge

If any user wants to perform manual integrations, then they need to store data in numerous places, along with creating many accounts with different locations. In this process there are chances they might lose their information without even noticing or not aware about losing the data.

Why ‘SyncEzy’ Chose QuixSolution

Client came up with their requirement of creating Automating Integrations & Sync tasks along with widely used plug-ins into a single system. Quix has all the resources needed, understood clients requirements well and committed to deliver the project within the requested time frame.

How QuixSolution Responded

We first discussed everything with our client, had around 3-4 online meetings, raised our confusions, provided consultancy and assigned a full fledged team to complete it within the given time frame and then started the design and development.

The Result

Quix delivered the project and is also providing maintenance and support required for next one year. SyncEzy can connect more web apps than anyone, with lots of new options are upcoming. It integrates with apps such as Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, Quickbooks Time, InfusionSoft, Asana, Salesforce, Keypay, Encircle Google Sheets, Google Docs, & many more!

Technology Used

- PostgreSQL
- Angular
- Laravel